Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click can be a powerful tool to get in front of an audience that is only looking for your specific product or service on google.  With the right keyword sculpting and data mining you can refine down to the small list of long tail phrases that convert and provide a signifigant return on investment.  By constantly monitoring key performance indicators you can begin cost-effectively bringing in new leads by placing a clear and competitive offer in front of a customer that is looking for your exact product or service.  Building a list of these converting customers will then allow you to remarket and retain your customers cost effectively, usually with a CRM for larger customer databases; and only pay one time to acquire your customer.


PPC can be a strong tool to acquire new leads and customers to ecommerce, and even local businesses that only serve a limited area.  I would not recommend PPC campaigns for your business if your website has not been optimized for SEO; a service I also provide which includes indexing your site in major search engines and creating authority on your pages for the words and phrases that drive sales.  If you are interested in investing in PPC, you want your site to be authoritative to search engines in your products and services.  This can actually help reduce your cost per click by up to 30%, while you are charged more with a less optimized site (as high as 600% to appear on the 1st page of google).  This is why on-page SEO is so important; not only for unpaid traffic and long term authority in your industry, but also to keep your return on investment high for conversions generated from your ads.  Contact me at to see if pay per click marketing is a good component of your marketing strategy.