Customer Response Management

CRM or Customer Response Management tools are becoming increasingly necessary for even local businesses to schedule appointments, route leads, conduct interviews, analyze customer demographics, and manage massive email marketing campaigns.  Help retain customers who haven’t been around lately, and reward customers with loyalty programs.  These are just a few of the things a dedicated CRM program can accomplish for you if set-up and maintained properly.  I work with companies, marketers and artists for email and remarketing campaigns, as well as the set up and execution of call center routing and customer analytics.  This includes what page the customer is currently viewing and their page path, past purchases and reviews, etc.  Schedule a consultation today to see how I can help you and your business in any of the following ways:


*Set-up of CRM systems and logic from the ground up

*Capture more leads and retain more customers

*Improve conversion rates and time to convert

*Improve workflow and the delivery of necessary customer information to the right place at the click of a button

*Manage and control your sales process and how your customer is interacted with

*Save time and automate processes in your sales and marketing funnels

*Run laser focused scheduled campaigns and email marketing with specific sets of rules and conditions

Contact me at to see how a developed CRM can help keep you organized and save you and your customer service departments precious time in assisting your customers.